It’s Time

Lexi and Aiden’s first cuckold experience with Drake had exceeded even their wildest fantasies. Seeing firsthand how much Aiden enjoyed being cuckolded and knowing how much she had enjoyed the overwhelming sensations of being with a more endowed man, Lexi was eager for more. Indeed, she would go on to experience several new lovers. These men, while more physically fulfilling than Aiden, never surpassed the memories of her first time with Drake.

Drake had something her subsequent Bulls lacked. While these men were also generously endowed and, as much as she hated to admit it, fucked her better than Aiden, Drake had a uniquely commanding presence that Lexi found mesmerizing. He dominated her and commanded her body like no man before. Her desire to submit to him felt instinctual, almost primitive. He filled her wild lust, but this reaction also felt quite scary and made her uneasy.

Lexi loves Aiden deeply and playfully considered him to be her Daddy Dom. She has a submissive streak that Aiden tapped into a little bit, but it always felt more like role play for her and never reached the level of realism she craved. Lexi’s reaction to Drake felt different. He had literally fucked her into submission with his dominant ways and commanding, thick nine-inch cock. Aiden is an amazing lover but five inches only goes so far and always leaves her craving more. With Aiden, she was left fully satisfied and nearly incapable handling more…for several days. Still, Lexi felt like she needed Aiden to be her Daddy and didn’t know how to process these unexpected submissive desires for another man.

Even though sex with Drake had been the most amazing sexual experience of Lexi’s young life and she wanted to have a steady Bull, her desire to submit to him felt too strong and dangerous to pursue. Because of this, she avoided a repeat visit and instead opted to pursue experiences with other men. Yet, in her private moments, her erotic thoughts turned to Drake and she often found herself masturbating to memories and new fantasies centered around him. It would take about six months, but eventually her desire to see Drake again became too strong to resist. It surpassed any reservations she harbored about the power dynamics in her relationship with Aiden. She didn’t know how things would play out, but it was a journey she needed to take.

As her thoughts evolved, Lexi shared all of her thoughts and feelings with Aiden. He completely supported her and was open to Lexi experiencing the fullness of her sexuality with Drake in whatever manner she desired. There is a lot that would transpire during that second meeting with Drake and during subsequent visits. Here is a glimpse into the future:

“Aiden, it’s time. Bring your handsome self over here along with your cute, little penis. Come on baby, quite dragging your feet. I don’t want to be late for my date with Sir. If you still want to come along and watch Sir fuck me, you know there are rules we must adhere to. Sir doesn’t want to see, as he said, “the cuck’s little erection” in his presence, so we need to lock you up. Besides, we should be grateful that Sir let you out of the cage for a few days. Now, let’s get your penis back in it’s home and go have some fun! Oh, and don’t forget, you need to pick one of the corners in the bedroom and stay put. Sir doesn’t want you roaming free around the room and distracting us. He’ll let you know when you have permission to do something, so stay in your place.”

Aiden presented himself to Lexi to be caged. It still blew his mind how this beautiful, sensual woman that had once worshipped his cock now viewed it as an afterthought. She loved it because it belonged to him, but it was no longer the source of her sexual pleasure and cock that provided her with the best sex of her life. At this point, Aiden wasn’t even second, third, or fourth best. With each successive Bull, he was steadily falling down her list of most desired cocks.

Lexi makes quick work of caging Aiden. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to feel like she is denying herself anything. Her favorite cock is waiting, and she can’t wait to get her hands, mouth, and pussy around it.

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